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Open road
In BC many people have to drive for a living, and others have a heavy commute just to get to work. Driving may be a necessity and it may be a chore. But there’s nothing...

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The Cost of a Ticket in BC

The cost of a ticket in BC
We are asked from time to time why you should dispute a traffic ticket in BC. In a previous blog post we explained why we fight traffic tickets. Not all lawyers like to...

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Lawyers who know driving law

BC lawyers who know driving law
Whether you’re facing a driving prohibition, criminal DUI or traffic ticket, you need a to find one of the BC lawyers who know driving law. There are all sorts of...

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Excessive Speeding in BC

Excessive Speeding Ticket in BC
Excessive speeding in BC is defined in the Motor Vehicle Act as driving at a speed greater than 40 km/h over the speed limit. ICBC and the police treat these violations...

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Police plan for cell phone tickets

Cell phone tickets in BC
You likely know that since 2010 the use of cell phones while driving in British Columbia has been illegal, except for hands-free devices.  Officials have dubbed such initiatives...

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