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Defend Your Cell Phone Ticket in BC

Caught Using an Electronic Device While Driving? We Can Help.

In British Columbia, holding or operating an electronic device while driving is a serious offence under the **Motor Vehicle Act**. This includes when you’re stopped at a red light, stuck in traffic, or even just idling in a jam. The consequences of being ticketed and convicted are severe and far-reaching:

Base Fine and Driver Point Premium

Base Fine:The base fine for using an electronic device while driving is $368.

Driver Point Premium: Conviction results in four points on your driver’s license, triggering a Driver Point Premium. This premium is an additional penalty imposed by ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) for accumulating penalty points. For four points, this results in an additional cost of $214. In total, the ticket amount and Driver Point Premium come to $582.

Insurance Increases

Exceeding three points on your driving record leads to higher insurance rates, significantly increasing your financial burden.

Driving Prohibitions

Multiple Offences: If you receive two cell phone tickets within one year, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles will review your driving record and may prohibit you from driving up to twelve months.

New Drivers: For class 7 drivers (New Drivers), even a single cellphone ticket can trigger a driving prohibition of up to six months.

The Government’s Safety Concerns

The government has implemented these stringent penalties because of the significant safety risks associated with distracted driving. Interacting with your cell phone while driving distracts you from your duties as a driver, increasing the likelihood of accidents. The strict enforcement and heavy penalties reflect the government’s commitment to reducing distracted driving incidents and enhancing road safety.

How Are Drivers Caught?

Police officers in BC typically catch drivers using their cell phones by directly observing the device in the driver’s hand. Simply holding your device constitutes an offence, and engaging with it while driving compounds the violation. In most cases, drivers are ticketed because the police saw them with the smartphone in their hand.

The Evidence Against You

The primary evidence in these cases comes from the observing officer’s testimony. When you contest the ticket in court, the officer will testify about having seen you with the device. It’s essential to understand that traffic tickets must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and you have the right to a trial and to be represented by a lawyer.

Why You Need A Lawyer

Driving demands your full attention, and using an electronic device distracts you from this critical task. However, the penalties for such offences can seem harsh and disproportionate. If you receive a cell phone ticket, it’s crucial to consult with a lawyer before paying it.

Why Choose Us?

We have been defending electronic device tickets since the law was introduced in 2010. We are the original BC Driving Lawyers, and we know the defences that work. Our expertise can make a significant difference in your case.

Don’t face this alone. Call us now to defend your cell phone ticket. Take action today and protect your driving record. We’re here to help.