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Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket Disputes

The police issue thousands of traffic tickets to drivers in B.C. every year. Courts handle traffic ticket disputes every day. From Speeding to Driving Without Due Care, a conviction for a traffic ticket in British Columbia has serious consequences. ICBC keeps track of every conviction, and the government and the insurance companies can use it against you for the rest of your life. Described as a Violation Ticket, a traffic ticket in BC can be challenged in court. Never simply pay a traffic ticket without informing yourself of the consequences and discussing your defences with an experienced driving lawyer.

Remember, your driving record lasts forever

We have decades of experience with all kinds of traffic ticket disputes, Motor Vehicle Act offences, 3, 7, and 30-day roadside prohibitions, as well as 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibitions, Administrative Prohibitions and Criminal DUIs. We have the right experience to defend your Violation Ticket and protect your driving record.

We are the BC Driving Lawyers so we know the traffic ticket arguments that succeed in court. Do not pay a traffic ticket until you have discussed your matter with an experienced BC Driving Lawyer and evaluated the defences.

Remember, traffic tickets have serious consequences

  • Even one traffic ticket can cost you your license.
  • Your insurance can increase for a single conviction.
  • In addition to the fine, ICBC forces drivers to pay a driver point premium for demerit points.
  • AND even a single conviction can trigger a review of your record by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles leading to a lengthy driving prohibition.
Don’t let a traffic ticket cost you your license

We can defend your traffic ticket

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