Driving Prohibitions

Court Prohibitions

If you are convicted of any of a wide variety of Criminal Code or Motor Vehicle Act driving offences you may be automatically prohibited by the court. In addition you may be prohibited by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles for the same incident. In addition, the Criminal Code or Motor Vehicle Act convictions go on your British Columbia driving record. Your court prohibitions may cause further and longer driving prohibitions after review by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.


If you have been criminally convicted of specific motor vehicle related offences you will in addition to any court ordered driving prohibition automatically have your driver’s license suspended under the Motor Vehicle Act.

For a first offence, the license suspension is for a minimum of one year. If you have a previous conviction within 10 years the suspension is for a minimum of three years. If you have three or more convictions within 10 years you will lose your driver’s license indefinitely.

In addition, if you are convicted of an alcohol related criminal driving offence you will be required to pay for and complete the Responsible Driver Program and to pay for, install and maintain the Interlock Ignition before you can reapply to get your driver’s license back.

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Remember, a traffic ticket can have serious consequences

  • Even one traffic ticket can cost you your license.
  • Your insurance can increase for a single conviction.
  • In addition to the fine, ICBC forces drivers to pay a driver point premium for demerit points.
  • AND even a single conviction can trigger a review of your record by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles leading to a lengthy driving prohibition.
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