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Driving Prohibitions

Court Prohibitions

In certain types of cases you may be at risk of a court-imposed driving prohibition. Criminal driving offences, such as dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, impaired driving or refusal to blow, come with automatic license suspensions on a first offence. In some cases the prohibition is a country-wide license disqualification due to the sentencing provisions of the Criminal Code. In other cases, the driving prohibition is imposed automatically for an offence due to a little-known section of the BC Motor Vehicle Act.

Knowing which offences carry a long driving prohibition by operation of law or at the discretion of the court should guide your lawyer when considering risks and possible resolutions to a serious driving case. Some cases with significant criminal consequences have little by way of driving consequences because of recent changes to the law.

If a driving prohibition has been imposed by the court, and you violate that prohibition while driving, generally you should expect little in the way of leniency from the court. A court-ordered driving prohibition is an order of the court. The justice system relies on people abiding by court orders. It is not unusual, therefore, for people to be sentenced to jail for driving while prohibited by a court order.

If you have been charged with a driving offence, an experienced driving lawyer may be able to explain how to avoid a driving prohibition by order of the court or operation of law by securing an alternative resolution in your specific case. That’s why it’s important to hire a lawyer to deal with your driving case.If you got caught, call us. We’re serious about driving law and also, we’re easy to talk to. Let us help you avoid a lengthy driving prohibition. Call now.

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