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Traffic Tickets

Defend a Traffic Ticket

BC Driving Lawyers knows that many people who receive a traffic ticket or violation ticket hope to simply pay the fine and then forget about it. You may not realize that there are a number of ways to defend a traffic ticket. Paying the ticket is often a big mistake.

Reasons to Defend a Ticket

There are many good reasons to defend a traffic ticket. Many people do not realize the serious consequences that can come from having even one ticket. The fine amount listed on the ticket is not the only money you will have to pay. Your insurance rates may increase. You may need to pay the Driver Penalty Points Premium tax assessed and collected by ICBC. Depending on the Violation Ticket or traffic ticket you may even lose your license or face a driving prohibition for points.

The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles has the power to revoke your Driver’s License if he or she deems your driving record to be “unsatisfactory”. Having a traffic ticket offence registered against your driving record will negatively impact how your driving record is viewed by the Superintendent.

Police officers make mistakes. Sometimes police radar or laser devices are not functioning properly, or police estimates of your speed are not accurate. You can be issued a ticket based on a police or technological error even though you weren’t doing anything in violation of the Motor Vehicle Act.

You have a Constitutional right to defend yourself against a traffic ticket. You can hire a lawyer to assist you in this process.

How to Start Your Defence

If you make the right decision and choose to dispute a traffic ticket, you have 30 days from the date of issue to register your Violation Ticket in dispute. You can file these applications by mail, at an ICBC office, a Provincial Court Registry, or a ServiceBC Centre. You can also have your lawyer file the dispute for you.

After your ticket is registered in dispute, you will receive a court date by mail. This is the day that your lawyer will appear in court to dispute the ticket. It can sometimes take a year or more for your court date. These wait times are typical, so do not be alarmed by a long wait.

It is recommended that you contact a driving lawyer when you receive the traffic ticket. That way your lawyer can investigate any defences and take any necessary steps to preserve evidence needed to defend your ticket.

If you file the Violation Ticket in dispute yourself, it is not too late to contact a BC driving lawyer when you receive the Notice of Hearing Date to have an experienced driving lawyer represent you in your case.

Your driving record is not just for five years. The Government can use your entire driving history against you if they want. That is why it is important to put up the best defence you can to challenge your traffic ticket.

We are the lawyers with the right experience defending traffic tickets. Call now for a free over-the-phone consultation.

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