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Traffic Tickets

Driver Penalty Point Premiums

Driver Penalty Points accumulate over a year of driving. Each person’s assessment period for the Driver Penalty Point Premium is different.

ICBC assesses the number of Driver Penalty Points you receive during each 12-month assessment period. If you have more than three Driver Penalty Points during this period, you will be required to pay Driver Penalty Point Premium. These premiums are in addition to your insurance and the cost of any tickets you receive.

There are various traffic tickets that carry Driver Penalty Points in addition to a fine. For instance, speeding violations and distracted driving incur three penalty points. If you are a Class 7 ‘N’ or ‘L’ driver, if you incur any penalty points you may have to begin the graduated licencing program from the very beginning.

How Driver Penalty Point Premium is Calculated

Driver Penalty Points stay on your record for five years. However, your driving record lasts forever. 11 Driver Penalty Points will cost you at least $1000 and 34 Driver Penalty Points will cost you over $10,000.

Failure to pay your Driver Penalty Point Premium has serious consequences. Not only will 19.5% annual interest be charged, but your insurance will also be suspended. You will also not be permitted to renew your driver’s license, replace a lost license, or take any driver exams from ICBC.

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