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Driving Prohibitions

Graduated Licensing Program

If you are a learner (L) or novice (N) driver and you receive any points or violations you will likely lose your driver’s license and be required to restart the Graduated Licensing Program.

What is the Graduated Licensing Program?

The graduated licensing program offered by ICBC in British Columbia is designed to help young and beginner drivers become safer. Currently, it takes a new driver in British Columbia 36 months to go from a Learner’s license to a Class 5. This period will re-start if you receive a driving prohibition.

The rules are harsh for learner (L) and novice (N) drivers and if you receive a traffic ticket or a Motor Vehicle Act violation which carries penalty points, it is likely you will have to restart the Graduated licensing Program. The only way to prevent this is to successfully overturn the traffic ticket.

After you have completed 12 months of prohibition-free driving with a learner’s license, you are eligible to take a road test. If you pass this road test, you will receive your N. You must have your N for a minimum of 24 months—two years—until you are eligible to take the test for your Class 5 license. If you receive a driving prohibition, the 24-month period will be reset. You are under greater scrutiny from ICBC during the Graduated Licensing Program. Even one ticket can trigger a lengthy driving prohibition. After your prohibition, you will have to wait two more years before you can apply for your Class 5 license again. The period also resets if you let your driver’s license expire without renewing it.

If you receive a traffic ticket or Motor Vehicle Act violation, driving prohibition or you have a criminal charge and you are a learner (L) or novice (N) driver, you should immediately contact an experienced driving lawyer.

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