Does the punishment add up?

Does the punishment add up
After getting a couple of tickets you can expect a letter from the BC Government telling you that they’re taking your license. Looking at your relatively good driving...

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A hammer to swat flies

Using a hammer.
Earlier in the week while waiting for traffic court to start I was speaking with a police officer who mentioned that in BC we use a hammer to swat flies. He was referring...

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They can take your car

A vehicle being seized for excessive speeding in BC
Without a warrant, without a court order and without even the sworn evidence of an informant they can take your car. You probably know this already but it deserves repeating...

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Real crime and driving laws

Real crime and driving law in Surrey
The population of Surrey BC feels like they’re under siege these days. Property crimes like theft and fraud seem to be rampant. Violent assaults and prominent murder...

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