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Driving Prohibitions


Driving Prohibition for Points or a Poor Driving Record

(Section 93 Of The Motor Vehicle Act)

If you receive points or violations on your driving record you can expect a letter from the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. A ticket conviction or violation will often trigger ICBC to send you a Notice of Intent to Prohibit you from driving. This is a driving prohibition for points. When you receive this Notice you can have a lawyer make written submissions explaining why the driving prohibition should not proceed or should be reduced to a shorter duration. The written submission to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles is very important and should include certain important information.

The written submission must be received within 21 days from the date on the Notice of Intent to Prohibit. If a submission is not made within this time, you will receive a Notice of Prohibition.

ICBC and the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles have a mandate to ensure that drivers know the rules of the road and drive safely. If you receive a Notice of Intent to Prohibit you from driving, they have concluded that your driving record indicates that you pose a risk to the public. A driving prohibition for points is not final. Your Driving Lawyer can address the concerns arising from your bad driving record, and help you re-rehabilitate your driving record. You may take a defensive driving course, such as the British Columbia Safe Driving Course, to start the process of cleaning up your driving record.

If you are a new driver, even one ticket or one violation will result in a driving prohibition for points and you will restart the Graduated Licensing Program.


All BC driving prohibitions apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration of the prohibition.

With the right written argument, ICBC and the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles may consider personal or family hardship or steps toward rehabilitation and revoke or reduce your driving prohibition.

If you have a driving prohibition, contact an experienced driving lawyer. CONTACT 604-608-1200.

If you receive a Notice of Intent to Prohibit or a Notice of Prohibition you should have an experienced driving lawyer to represent you. CONTACT 604-608-1200.

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Driving prohibition? We can help you get back on the road.

Act now to challenge your driving prohibition.

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