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Traffic Court Omicron Update for BC Cont’d

The BC Provincial courts have provided a further Covid-19 update regarding all traffic court hearings. Hearings scheduled from January 10 to January 28 have officially been cancelled.

There is nothing further needed from anyone who has a hearing set sometime within that period, as the adjournments will be automatic, and a new date will be sent out when available.

The only exception is matters that have already been scheduled to proceed virtually. Those will still happen on their set date.

It may be a good time to consider contacting a lawyer for help in rescheduling a court date. Without a lawyer, a court date will be set at random, without you having any say. Contact us at 604-608-1200.

With the Covid situation rapidly changing here, the cancelling may extend past January 28. We will continue to provide updates on the BC traffic court situation as they become available to us.