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Tag: IRP Immediate Roadside Prohibition

Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

For over fifty years if you were stopped by the police for drinking and driving you would face criminal charges. This meant: (1) You were presumed innocent; (2) The prosecution...

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Drivers license for work

“I’ll be okay if I can just drive for work. Can you just get me my drivers license for work?” It’s one of the most common questions that we’re...

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Mouthwash and breathalyzers

Some things go great together, like wine and olives, beer and softball, marihuana and Cheezies – but other combinations can have disastrous results. Take, for example,...

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Getting rid of the Interlock

As we explained here earlier in the year, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles had an internal policy about the Interlock Program (IIP) and Responsible Driver Program (RDP)....

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