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Getting rid of the interlock

Getting rid of the Interlock

As we explained here earlier in the year, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles had an internal policy about the Interlock Program (IIP) and Responsible Driver Program (RDP). Their internal policy said that in order to get you licence back, after having received an IRP or ADP, you must first get an interlock and pay for the RDP.

We knew this was wrong because the Motor Vehicle Act stated clearly that theses were not automatic consequences. Our lawyers challenged this and as a result the OSMV backed down. We are now getting rid of the interlock IIP for our clients.

A new adjudicative process has been established at the OSMV. There is an application which a driver makes, providing whatever submissions and material needed for the new review tribunal to review the case and make a determination if the driver can have the interlock lifted.

This applies retroactively to people who currently have an interlock requirement on their license. The new process deals with reconsideration of the original automatic order that a driver have an interlock installed. If you have an interlock right now, or you haven’t bothered to get your license back because of the interlock requirement, you can seek reconsideration of the requirement.

Of course, the irony is that there was never any consideration in the first place. It was automatic.

As for people who now receive Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRP) or Administrative Driving Prohibitions (ADP) there is no guarantee that you’ll be forced to participate in either the IIP or RDP.

If you’re suffering with the Interlock because of an IRP or ADP, give us a call and we’ll start the process for getting rid of the interlock.