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Why We Fight Traffic Tickets

We’re often asked why we fight traffic tickets. The main reason is that the consequences of traffic tickets are so harsh that they are disproportionate with the offences. But there’s more to it than that.

Firstly, because we are lawyers, we don’t think of it as “fighting a ticket.” Our goal is to properly defend our clients using the law, the facts and creative defences that we continue to develop.

The BC Government has started to look at people’s driving records as a source of tax revenue.

In the last decade, and in particular in the last five years, the BC Government has started to look at people’s driving records as a source of tax revenue. In BC the Government owns the car insurance company, ICBC, they control licensing through Driver Services and they can prohibit you from driving through the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. They also run the pay-for-use tribunals that make the decision about whether you keep your licence or face a lengthy prohibition.

As of now, on top of the fines and significant increases in insurance premiums, the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles can prohibit you from driving. It costs the BC Government pennies to prohibit you, but to get your license back you will need to pay a significant license re-instatement fee. On top of that, the demerit points are used to calculate the Driver Point Premium which is assessed and collected by ICBC.

Simply put, by giving you one simple ticket, the police officer may bring in several thousands of dollars to the BC Government – money that comes right out of your pocket.

Does any of this sound fair or appropriate? Not to us. This is why we defend traffic tickets.

Our win rate is fantastic, because defending traffic tickets is what we do. It is almost always cheaper to have us defend your ticket than to simply pay it. Simply paying a ticket means you will end up paying the Government a lot more money later on.

So why do we fight traffic tickets? The answer is simple: we can save you money by defending your traffic ticket.

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