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The B driving Lawyers are traffic ticket fighters

Traffic ticket fighters

At BC Driving Lawyers, we pride ourselves on being traffic ticket fighters. British Columbia has some of the harshest driving laws in Canada. Not only that, if you want to challenge a ticket on your own, but the odds are also against you.

Going up against the authorities solo is like boxing Mike Tyson with one arm tied behind your back. You need experienced traffic ticket fighters to make it a fair contest.

Why you need traffic ticket fighters

If you can take one piece of advice from this blog, we would like it to be this: if you get a traffic ticket, don’t take it lying down. It pays to challenge a traffic ticket. If you consider the impact of accepting guilt for a traffic ticket, both financial and otherwise, fighting a traffic ticket makes sense.

Speeding ticket fighters

A speeding ticket is not just a ticket. If a police officer gives you a $138 speeding fine you might think you’re better off to just pay it and forget about it. The thing is, it’s not just a fine. Speeding also comes with three Driver Penalty Points. If you have more than three penalty points in a 12-month period, you will have to pay hundreds of dollars in Driver Penalty Point Premium each year on top of your auto insurance.

Not only that, if you start accruing traffic tickets on your driving record, but the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles will also issue you with a driving prohibition. That’s right, if you don’t challenge your traffic tickets you could potentially lose your driving privileges.

Traffic court

The BC Driving Lawyers are not afraid of a fight. We try to resolve all of our clients’ matters before they get to trial but, whenever necessary, we are more than happy and prepared to represent you in court.

Our staff of experienced traffic ticket fighters are ready to represent you in traffic court. We know how the system works and the arguments that succeed in complex cases.

Traffic ticket legal services

We offer a range of legal services to help you fight your traffic ticket. Whether it’s disputing a traffic ticket within the 30-day window or defending a Motor Vehicle Act or bylaw offence. If you miss your deadline to dispute a traffic ticket, don’t panic. We still might be able to help. We can sometimes make a late dispute and overturn a deemed conviction.

If you are looking for traffic ticket fighters who are passionate about standing up for the little guy, put the BC Driving Lawyers in the ring. All us now for a free consultation on 604-608-1200.