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Serious traffic tickets

The most serious traffic tickets

While it is not advisable to have any traffic tickets go on your driving record, some tickets are much worse than others.

Driving without due care and attention or driving without reasonable consideration

There are certain traffic tickets that are treated more severely by RoadSafetyBC. Driving without due care or driving without reasonable consideration (aside from Criminal Code driving convictions, driving while prohibited and failing to stop for a peace officer) carry the largest number of demerit points – 6. These tickets are often, but not exclusively, issued when there has been a traffic accident or particularly bad driving behaviour.

Police officers in British Columbia have the authority to request a suspension of your license.

Allowing a driving without due care conviction to go on your driving record leads to unpleasant consequences. The ticket results in $300 driver penalty point premium and more importantly, a risk of having your licence taken away by RoadSafetyBC. Finally, in cases of accidents, a conviction for this violation may have negative consequences for your ICBC case.

Excessive Speeding

While it may not seem so given that it only carries 3 demerit points, an excessive speeding ticket is another ticket you really want to avoid. It carries with it Driver Risk Premiums, your vehicle will be towed for seven days (for a first offence) with you responsible for the towing and storage fees. Moreover an excessive speeding conviction like this is considered serious by RoadSafetyBC and may lead to a suspension of your licence.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is currently the focus of RoadSafetyBC. While any activity while driving can be considered a distraction, police most often issue tickets for use of electronic devices. These tickets carry three points and can lead to suspensions from driving.

Many people are unaware that police officers in British Columbia have the authority to request a suspension of your license, which they are more likely to do in instances of serious infractions, such as listed above.

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