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Lawyers with laser radar

Lawyers with Lasers

The BC driving lawyers legal team is so serious about defending traffic tickets that we go to extraordinary lengths. You probably already know that we defend all types of traffic tickets throughout BC. What you might not know is that we have some exclusive tools and skills available to us when it comes to speeding tickets. Not only do we have extensive experience in defending speeding tickets, we are also lawyers with lasers used by the police.

That’s right. We have in our collection a number of police laser speed guns. In BC, when the police issue a speeding ticket, the officer conducting the speed enforcement needs to first look at the target vehicle and make speed estimation. The next step is to employ a speed measuring device, either radar or laser. In most stationary radar traps, the police are not using a radar gun to measure the speed. The police are typically using a laser lidar device.

Actually having laser speed guns gives us a distinct advantage when it comes time for trial. We have used the laser guns – not just flipped through a manual, and so we know how they work. We keep several laser guns in our offices so we can test theories and keep ourselves knowledgeable about the functioning of the devices. We are lawyers with lasers. Our goal is to know more about the devices than the police.

Having the laser guns is one thing. Actually having the training to operate them according to correct police procedure is something else entirely. But of course, it’s incredibly important to know more than the police if you’re a serious driving lawyer.

The lawyers who are members of the BC Driving Lawyers team have completed the police training to operate police laser guns. That’s right. We have regular training and retraining in cross-examination techniques, updates on the law and we hire retired police speed enforcement training officers to come in and teach us the police courses. And then after we’ve finished the police courses, we get them to teach us all of the things that police officers can never remember when it comes time for a trial.

If you’re in the market for a driving lawyer to help you with a traffic ticket, ask them if they have police laser and radar guns in their office. Ask them if they’ve completed the police training to use the device that you were caught with.

All lawyers are different. Lawyers with lasers have the police training that may be the key to success in your traffic ticket case. You need a lawyer with the right skills and training.

If you have a speeding ticket or traffic ticket anywhere in BC, give us a call. The consultation is free. If we can help you beat that ticket, it will be our pleasure to put out skills and training to work for you.