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icbc novice driver probation

ICBC novice driver probation

If you are a novice driver and you have received a letter from ICBC stating that you are on driving probation you may be wondering what to do next. But what exactly is ICBC novice driver probation and what does it mean?

All drivers in the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) –  that is, all holders of an ‘N’ or ‘L’ licence in B.C. – have a lot of restrictions placed upon them. Just one traffic ticket can be enough for ICBC to place you on notice..

This blog will look at ICBC novice driver probation, what the requirements are, and what your options are if you receive one.

What is ICBC novice driver probation?

If you pick up too many traffic tickets or commit driving offences in B.C. the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, a.k.a. RoadSafetyBC, will intervene under the Driver Improvement Program (DIP). Any driver can have their driving record reviewed under the DIP, however, the restrictions are much tighter for novice drivers.

If a novice driver catches the attention of RoadSafetyBC it will delegate ICBC to issue them a notice of probation. A notice of probation is a driving intervention that effectively warns someone that they are being monitored and they could lose their licence. It is not a driving prohibition but it means that if someone on probation engages in any more poor or dangerous driving behaviour they could lose their licence and have to start the GLP all over again.

Although a probation often precedes a prohibition, it can also be imposed again once a driver’s licence has been reinstated.

Why might a novice driver be placed on probation?

The threshold for a probation is much lower for a novice driver than it is for experienced drivers. While a Class 5 licence holder can rack up 15 driver penalty points within two years before they are considered for probation, a new driver can be placed on ICBC novice driver probation after committing any driving offence carrying two or more driver penalty points.

So just one speeding ticket or distracted driving ticket is enough for a new driver to be placed on probation. One strike and you’re out.

How long does probation last?

Any probation a driver receives during the GLP lasts for the length of the program. This means if you are an ‘N’ driver, the probation will remain until they graduate to a Class 5.

Once the probation period has ended a driver remains under close scrutiny for an additional two years. They will likely receive a driving prohibition if they commit any further infractions during that time.

Can I request a review of my probation?

Unfortunately, there is no review process for an ICBC novice driver probation.

RoadSafetyBC issues probations at its own discretion. However, you might still have options.

What are my options on probation?

An N driver seeking to get off probation has two options: get a Class 5 licence or overturn the traffic ticket that triggered the probation.

If you were placed on probation after getting a traffic ticket, your best bet is to get the traffic ticket overturned. If the ticket that triggered the probation is removed from their record then it should serve to remove the probation. If some time has passed after the ticket was issued, depending on the driving infraction, it may be possible to do a late dispute on the ticket.

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