Novice driver violations

A novice driver taking lessons
A novice driver in BC must comply with a number of restrictions before they obtain a full driver’s licence. These restrictions cover things like when and where they can...

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Traffic ticket fighters

The B driving Lawyers are traffic ticket fighters
At BC Driving Lawyers, we pride ourselves on being traffic ticket fighters. British Columbia has some of the harshest driving laws in Canada. Not only that, if you want...

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Can you speed to overtake?

can you speed to overtake
A question we get asked from time to time is: can you speed to overtake? Let’s say you’re stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle. You approach a passing lane, or you get to...

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Can CVSE give speeding tickets?

can cvse give speeding tickets
You might have seen them in your rear-view mirror, parked on the shoulder of the highway or even flying past with their lights flashing. They look like an ordinary RCMP...

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