Big changes in DUI law

Big changes in DUI law
A series of court decisions beginning in the Summer of 2013 have made big changes to DUI law in BC. Although generally speaking, the courts are supportive of attempts to...

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Mouthwash and breathalyzers

Mouthwash brehalyzer defences
Some things go great together, like wine and olives, beer and softball, marihuana and Cheezies – but other combinations can have disastrous results. Take, for example,...

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Driving prohibition time limits

driving prohibition time limits
If you receive a driving prohibition of any sort from the Police or the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, or a Notice of Intent to Prohibit arrives in your mailbox, you...

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Lawyers who know driving law

BC lawyers who know driving law
Whether you’re facing a driving prohibition, criminal DUI or traffic ticket, you need a to find one of the BC lawyers who know driving law. There are all sorts of...

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