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the construction zone speed limit bc

What is the construction zone speed limit in BC?

Construction zones. Every summer it seems like they’re everywhere in BC. Failure to comply with a construction zone speed limit in BC will result in a larger than normal fine. So ignore them at your peril.

With so many different work sites around the Province it’s easy to get confused about what what should you do when you approach and how to tell the construction zone speed limit in BC.

What is a construction zone?

A construction zone is any work in progress on a highway. It includes any building, reconstruction, widening, repair or marking work. There are usually hazards or construction workers in close proximity so, in the interests of safety, the normal speed limit may be lowered.

Signs must be erected to notify drivers they are entering a construction zone, including signs displaying the new speed limit. There might also be traffic control devices which drivers also have to obey.

The construction zone speed limit in BC

There is no set construction zone speed limit in BC. It will vary and it depends on the conditions and location of the work being carried out. For example if the area is particularly hazardous, such as a busy highway, the temporary speed limit will be lower than a less hazardous spot.

Section 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act states traffic control devices must be erected to limit the speed of vehicles or otherwise restrict the way in which vehicles can use the roadway. Section 140 states a person may not operate a vehicle at a greater speed, or in a different manner from, the construction zone traffic control signs and devices. The bottom line is you must comply with whatever speed limit or restrictions the signs say.


If you fail to obey a construction zone speed limit in BC the Motor Vehicle Act has an added disincentive. Fines for speeding in a construction zone are higher than they are for normal highways. They can be a maximum of $483 compared to $196 for an everyday speeding ticket.

What about at night?

Construction zones might sometimes look empty or unattended, especially at night. No doubt many drivers will wonder in this situation if the new speed limit and restrictions will still apply.

Make no mistake, if there are signs posted, they are still valid. If a police officer wanted to ticket you for speeding in a construction zone at night with no other workers or machinery around, they could. Pay attention to what the signs say because they may still apply whatever time of the day it is.

If you have been given a ticket for speeding in a construction zone, call the BC Driving Lawyers on 604-608-1200 to find out if you can get it overturned.