RoadSafetyBC Letter

RoadSafetyBC letter
If you get a RoadSafetyBC letter telling you that they’re prohibiting you from driving or they intend to prohibit you from driving, you need to jump into action....

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Knee-jerk reaction

Knee-Jerk reaction in BC
Laws are never introduced in a vacuum. There is always some context, a perceived need that causes government to act. Whether it’s pressure from a lobby group or some...

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Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

Immediate Roadside Prohibitions
For over fifty years if you were stopped by the police for drinking and driving you would face criminal charges. This meant: (1) You were presumed innocent; (2) The prosecution...

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Does the punishment add up?

Does the punishment add up
After getting a couple of tickets you can expect a letter from the BC Government telling you that they’re taking your license. Looking at your relatively good driving...

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