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Author: BC Driving Lawyer

Police Prejudice and BMWs

It seems BMW drivers are often the subject of unfair derision. It’s a common assumption that every BMW driver is arrogant or thinks they need to test the limits of their...

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The original Driving Lawyers

When we started defending driving matters, there was no such thing as a “driving lawyer,” at least in British Columbia. In fact, it was very rare to see a lawyer in traffic...

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Got Caught? Call Us

If you’ve been stopped by the police for any driving offence, you just need to pick up the phoneto get help with your case. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a speeding...

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What is the Motor Vehicle Act?

As lawyers, we use the term “Motor Vehicle Act” all the time, and we’re never certain if people understand what we’re talking about. The British Columbia Motor Vehicle...

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You are a Survivor

Have you ever wondered why you have such a deep desire to fight back when faced with a serious threat? It’s because your ancestors, all the way back to the earliest...

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Should I fight my ticket?

In British Columbia, you have the right to a trial if you choose to dispute a traffic ticket, and it is common to say “fight a ticket.” As lawyers, we don’t consider it...

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